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Cuomo's Plan for Education.

posted Mar 28, 2013, 7:23 AM by Brendan Breen

Education reforms, according to the release, include:

• Full day pre-k: Recognizing that quality early education is critical for long-term success and that children who attend full-day pre-k often outperform their peers, the budget provides funding for full-day pre-k targeted toward higher need students.

• Extended School Day and School Year Programs: The United States lags behind in terms of how much time is spent in the classroom. To ensure a globally competitive education system, New York’s budget supports extended learning time for students.

• Community Schools: The budget supports an innovative program designed to transform schools in distressed communities into community hubs that integrate social, health and other services, as well as after-school programming to provide much-needed support to students and their families.

• Reward High-Performing Teachers: To improve results and offer incentives for high-performance, the budget implements a program that will offer $15,000 in annual stipends for four years to the most effective teachers beginning with math and science teachers.

• Increased Standards for Teacher Certifications: To ensure the best and brightest are teaching our children, the State Education Department will increase the standards for teacher certification to require passage of a "bar exam” as well as longer, high-quality student-teaching experiences conducted in school settings.

• Early College High School Programs: To improve college access and success, the budget provides new state funding to expand Early College High School programs.